This was a great experience!

I want to let you know.  Your company Arborist was great he answered my questions and was very polite and easy to talk to. It seems these days more and more people get bad customer service and are treated badly by the people they pay their money to, to get things done for them. This was a great experience and I will recommend you and your company to friends and family and will use you again if needed.

Lisa M.
Source: E-mail


We just wanted to say thank you for the excellent service from your company since the storm on August 9, 2009.  In particular, we would like to commend the work of three of your employees that worked on the clean up from beginning to end.  They were: Armand, Brett, and Philip.  These young men did your company proud. They were kind to us and each other.  We did not hear a swear word the entire time they were here and that was wonderful!

Meeting one of your certified arborists on that Monday morning while he was starting work on another house was a blessing.  We were able to get in line next.  We would not be where we are today had that not happened.  God does provide when we are in need!

Thanks again for a job well done!  We will be happy to recommend your company!

Jim & Ruth H.
Source: E-mail

Thank You!

Thank you for a job well done!!  They did a wonderful job and we are very pleased!

Lisa J., Grand Rapids, MI
Source: E-mail

Totally Impressed!

The guys at Integrity hold an incredible amount of knowledge and experience. I would recommend them to anyone. If you need tree work done, call Integrity, don’t settle for less than the excellence they have to offer.


Great Job, Guys!

Integrity Tree has always taken care of my trees and shrubs throughout my complex. They were able to bring back sick trees, when others could not help. They also perform quality trimming around buildings with not damage to the turf. The tree and shrub care staff is top notch and do not over sell un-needed treatments.Thanks for your class and professionalism.


Great Service!

This is the best tree service in the West Michigan area. The staff is so nice in the office. They are always there to help with any questions or concerns that you might have. The tree work that they do is always done in a timely manner and they have all the equipment that one might need for even the hardest jobs. I was very impressed with Integrity Tree Services.


Courteous and friendly!

I just wanted to send a quick note of thanks to your crew for recently trimming our big oak tree that had sustained some damage from a major ice storm that hit the Tulsa area a few weeks ago. Your guys (Piet was the foreman) came out one afternoon and got right to work, taking care of the situation promptly and efficiently. They were experienced professionals who were also courteous and friendly. I am originally from Adrian, MI and enjoyed seeing folks from my home state that were also great workers that I could brag about to my neighbors. In fact, after watching how good a job your crew did on my tree, one of my neighbors also hired Integrity Tree Services for an even bigger job a few days later. Just wanted to thank you for sending some of your crew down to Tulsa for a few weeks to help clean up from the ice storm. They did a great job and were very reasonable in their prices.

Thomas R., Tulsa, OK
Source: E-mail

Professional, honest, and trustworthy

Dear Matt & Shane, I live in Tulsa, Oklahoma and I, as well as the entire state, am experiencing the damages of the massive December ice storm. Through Preaus Landscape, I was referred to your company. Chad came out and we walked the yard viewing all the tree destruction. I found Chad to be professional, honest, and trusted his recommendations and bid price. Upon agreeing on the bid, Mike, Piet, and Russ arrived. Those three very nice young men started at 7:00 am and worked like beavers till dark, about 6:00 pm. They presented themselves very well and did an excellent job of clearing my trees of dangling limbs and broken branches. They cleaned up beautifully. These fellows who are far away from Michigan and living & working in a very different culture are representing your company very well. I thought you should know how pleased I am with their work.

Mrs. Bob S., Tulsa, OK
Source: Hand-written Letter

Very impressed

Late this summer, David M. arrived to his Fennville cottage for vacation only to discover a split 70’ tall Sassafras hanging over his cottage. He called ITS and our 24 hr. emergency crew was on the scene. David watched them in a very dangerous situation removing the split tree. Power lines had to be disconnected and a 40 ton crane with 140’ of boom was needed to lift the tree out in one piece. The tree was raised over the cottage and surrounding trees. David said that he was “very impressed with the crew” and “they completed the work just as they said they would”.  Thank you, David!

David M., Fennville, MI
Source: Verbal


The young men [Aaron, Cody, & Bryce] showed up this morning at 7:15 am and completed the job by 11:00 am. I am so glad I went with Integrity Tree Services. Not only did they do a wonderful job on a very large maple tree, but they cleaned everything up perfectly. This tree was so overgrown it had worked its way through multiple power lines and was hanging over the neighbor’s garage. I have more trees that I would like trimmed and I will not hesitate to call Integrity. Good job!

Lori E.
Source: Website submission


From start to finish, Integrity Tree [Angela, Dominick, & Jon] exceeded my expectations. I had a big task for them to perform to rid my giant oak of Gypsy Moths. The moth worms decimated my beautiful oak. I placed my call, was given a quote, and then was contacted by a professional arborist about my situation. He explained everything in detail and reassured me that my tree was not lost and could be saved. A day later I was told they were on their way to help me. Problem solved and the tree recovered. I will recommend them to anyone, anytime.

Matt S.
Source: Website submission

Very timely

This is the best tree service in the West Michigan area. The staff is so nice in the office. They are always there to help with any questions or concerns that you might have. The tree work that they do is always done in a timely manner and they have all the equipment that one might need for even the hardest jobs. I was very impressed with Integrity Tree Services.

R.B., Grand Haven, MI

Friendly and clean!

I am very pleased with the work your company did. The guys were very
friendly and cleaned up perfectly after. I was very impressed!

Anne, East Grand Rapids, MI
Source: E-mail

Extremely professional

Just wanted to thank you and your crew for doing such a great job with my wife’s tree. I especially appreciated the awesome cleanup work. I know you have some cabling work yet to do, but let your crew know I thought they did a very professional job. You get what you pay for and you guys were worth it!

Jeff L.
Source: E-mail

Exceeding customer expectations

Exceeding customer expectations from the start to the finish. Great work, guys!

The guys did a great job! I can’t recall the name of the man on the crew, but he genuinely cares about his job. The stump man, Randy, was nice too!

I enjoyed working with Adam and will not go anywhere else!

Tom B.
Source: Phone Call

We made the right choice

Thank you to Integrity Tree Services for a job well done. We made the right choice. Our beloved Maple is pruned and cabled and safer. These three were fantastic and you’d never know they were here.

Michelle L.
Source: Facebook

Amazing work!

I wanted to take a moment and send a quick thank you for all the people involved in the recent services we hired Integrity Tree Services for. I work in customer service and generally I tend to hear more about what went wrong than what went right so any time I can pass along some praise, I like to do it.

Adam Terbeek was the initial arborist who came out and examined our situation and provided some very helpful suggestions on what to do with some trees that were struggling with construction damage around our home.  We discussed all of the options for the dropping and handling of the dead trees around our property line, which was very helpful.  He answered my endless stream of questions and even stopped back out to ensure he provided an accurate quote for some fertilization treatments we were discussing, and ended up doing.  Excellent service from Adam and I look forward to working with him in the future as more dead trees will eventually need to come down and the current trees we have will need more care.

Armand was the arborist who came out to do the fertilization and Cambria applications for the trees Adam and I previously discussed and he was great – very easy to work with and talk to and very helpful.  He answered all of the questions I had and provided some great feedback on what else might help the trees around our yard that appear to be struggling after he took a look at them.  He even helped identify some other trees in the lot and offered some suggestions on treatments for some to protect against disease and encourage growth.  Again, excellent service from Armand and I look forward to seeing him in the fall when it comes time to re-fertilize.

The crew that came out and brought down all of the dead pines and a few dead poplars were great – fast, friendly, efficient, and safe.  This is a dangerous job but they made it look incredibly easy!  Great work from them and we now have more firewood than we know what to do with!

All in all, this was a great experience and I am very happy we hired Integrity Tree Services.  The driveway did take some damage in areas but I expect this is probably normal given the type of equipment needed to take down the large trees close to the house.  Better they be on the ground then on the house!

Again, thank you for everything and I am looking forward to working with Integrity again.

Ben V.
Source: Email

Appreciate the professionalism

Just did a drive through inspection on work completed last week in Bangor. Looks good, I appreciate the professionalism and safety that Eric and his crew displayed. Also, I may have one more location to complete prior to the end of the month, I believe we are waiting for approval.

MDOT Supervisor
Source: Email

Professional, Efficient, & Courteous

Dear Integrity,

Your guys did an excellent job. They showed up when they said they would and the manner in which they worked was very professional and efficient. They were also very courteous.

We are very pleased with the work. We would gladly recommend your company to others. Thank you for fitting us into your schedule.

Sandy M., Coopersville, MI
Source: Mailed letter