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 Since 1998, Integrity Tree Services has been the premier utility arborist organization in the midwest and across the nation. We provide services for utility transmission & distribution clients as well as providing land clearing services for commercial, industrial, and municipal clients. Learn more about our areas of service below.


We are your tree services specialists, no matter the request. We set the standard for tree service in many different arenas.

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right-of-way tree clearing
tree clearing utility right of ways

Integrity Tree Services provides land clearing services and access solutions for America’s utility owned and operated right of ways. We perform clearing and ROW maintenance to enhance access to utility infrastructure. Our strength in our utility projects is our mechanistic diversity, as we have the machinery to handle anything from steep slopes to deep mud. We operate in investor, public, and member-owned right of ways.

tree clearing for government municipalities
tree services for government municipalities

Our teams execute time-sensitive municipal projects to protect infrastructure and public property in cities across the nation. We are ready after every storm to clear the tree debris away from dangerous areas. We follow all OSHA safety standards concerning crowded spaces in order to keep people away from the work area. We also provide preventative trimming to stop tree damage before it occurs.

department of transportation tree clearing services
tree service for department of transportation

Our team partners with the Department of Transportation to keep current roadways clear of overgrown or dangerous trees and to make way for new roads to be built. Our maintenance keeps everyone on the road safe, while our clearing opens new opportunities for travel.

fire break tree trimming service US forest

We cut firebreaks into vulnerable forests to protect them from destruction by forest fire. We work with the Forest Service to strategically place firebreaks in the most effective places. We are capable of the detailed tree care work necessary to cut firebreak in the most fire sensitive areas.

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From clearing trees for government agencies to maintaining right-of-way for a national utility provider, our team is well-versed in all areas of tree service. Explore our areas of expertise below.

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vegetation management company
tree service company

We provide the safest, most efficient vegetation management, both in the utility right-of-way and at private request. We remain in compliance with arboriculture rules and principles at all times while also ensuring the safety of our employees. In order to achieve efficiency and safety, we use a mechanized approach. Our vegetation management service observes appropriate approach distances with concern for weather and elevation conditions.

hazardous tree removal service
tree removal company

When a beautiful tree turns dangerous, we get there fast to eliminate the threat safely. This includes trees with insect issues, diseases, trees that have been uprooted, trees that are posing a threat to a power line, or any other dangerous trees. Our certified arborists know how to remove the threat without endangering the people and property that surround it. We follow strict safety protocols when working preventatively on hazardous trees. If you are in immediate danger due to a fallen tree, call 911.

right-of-way land clearing services
right-of-way tree trimming

We offer forestry mowing and timber harvesting services to commercial customers, providing the land clearing expertise to get the most densely forested land ready for use. Our forestry mowers mulch up anything 4” or less in diameter, turning a dense cluster of vegetation into a free air space. When commercial clearing requires the removal of larger trees, we actively seek out the best markets for the client’s sellable timber. We are ready to help every step of the way from planning, to removal, to bringing quality timber to market.

land owner notification tree service company
land owner notification coordination

Integrity Tree Services is a partner in solving our client’s needs. We believe the best solutions come from listening first. We take what we have heard and craft a plan to complete those specific tasks. We explain what we are doing and why we are doing it so that landowners get their projects done the way they want them. We negotiate every access point, staging area, and cleanup process with the landowner. In every interaction, we demonstrate our strong desire to offer the highest quality service possible.

In order to prevent the spread of forest fires, forestry experts often desire to cut a lane through the dense forest to form a firebreak, stopping the spread by disconnecting the chain of fuel for the fire to burn. We will provide environmentally safe and effective firebreaks in high-risk forest areas. We can remove every possible fire propellant in the way, forming a wall to keep our communities safe.

high tech work planning and auditing system

Our high-quality service out in the field is streamlined by our Geographic Information Systems (GIS). Using GIS, we can tackle even the largest tree work projects with high levels of efficiency. GIS creates maps that help us navigate the jobsite with all of the geographical information we need right at our fingertips. With this capability, we plan every project out in great detail. This includes right-of-way marking for utility projects and data management for the duration of all progress. With these systems in place, we form comprehensive plans that our hard-working team members follow while completing the project.

access road clearing company
access road installation company

Utility and civil access solutions are becoming more and more important. We provide low-impact access services, as well as installation and removal of roads to customers throughout the Midwest. Our team partners with utility transmission and distribution companies, engineering and electrical contractors, municipalities, access matting manufacturers, line builders, and construction teams to efficiently and effectively move heavy vehicles across unstable and difficult terrains. 

herbicide application services
herbicide application company

EPA-approved herbicide applications can be an important part to managing vegetation growth in many settings including critical utility infrastructure corridors. Our team of trained and licensed employees along with the appropriate equipment offer herbicide management to aid in any integrated vegetation management plan. Our applications are both effective and environmentally friendly.

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