About the Owners

How they teamed up.

Matt Langeler and Shane Herrema founded Integrity Tree Services in 1998 with a passion to do something different in the tree industry.

Their friendship started in the early 80s when they were just two young boys who lived relatively near each other. In elementary and middle school, they would each walk two miles to meet-up in the woods between their parents’ homes to hunt, trap, fish, dirt bike, and just plain be boys.

Shane Herrema

Shane grew up in Hudsonville, Michigan where he worked with trees for his dad’s business, Doug Herrema Tree Service. Watching his dad’s company operate taught him many lessons that afforded him to have success later in life with Integrity Tree Services. Some lessons he recognized were worth repeating.

Matt Langeler

Matt grew up on a gravel road in the farming country of Allendale, Michigan. By age 15, he was framing houses full-time in the summer and would drive a bucket or chip truck around Grand Rapids doing tree work on the weekends. This type of hard-labored work required a strong work ethic and self-confidence.

From a Dream to Reality

In the early 1990s, two childhood friends had a dream to build a business with a company culture that not only provided excellent working conditions to its employees but also provided a service to the public with the highest of integrity.

Our Values

Our mission is to be the leading tree service providing expert guidance and superior quality workmanship that demonstrates the highest integrity in exceeding customer expectations.

Integrity Tree Services is founded on these seven shared values:

  1. SAFETY FIRST—Keeping the safety of yourself and others in mind.

  2. QUALITY—Exceeding customers’ expectations.

  3. INTEGRITY—Consistent and honest behavior, no matter who’s watching.

  4. INITIATIVE—Taking pride in always going the extra mile.

  5. PROFESSIONALISM—Personal appearance and behavior must always support ITS’s mission and values.

  6. RESPECT—To hold others in high regard.

  7. COHESIVE TEAMWORK—Pulling together in the same direction.

Our Culture

What is the best part about working for Integrity Tree Services? Our culture, of course! We’re a privately owned and operated company offering a professional work environment.

We train and monitor our team members to keep the safety of themselves and their coworkers, to always exceed customers’ expectations, to have a positive working attitude and relationship with their coworkers, to take pride in always going the extra mile for our customers, and to keep a professional appearance at all times on the jobsite and in the workplace.