Integrity Tree Services has cleared many miles of right-of-way nationwide.

Our strength in this type of work is our diversity as a company. We have experience and specialized equipment to effectively handle any type of situation we may encounter such as steep hills, swamps, residential yards, railroad crossings, or high traffic areas.
We own and safely operate a large number of key pieces of equipment for our clients to achieve the fastest, safest, most economical methods for vegetation management, right-of-way maintenance, and tree clearing. We use Timbco, Jarraffe, and large track mowers and track chippers.  Our investment into continuous safety training and environmental stewardship is what sets our company apart from our competition.

Mechanized Clearing

We are focused on providing the absolute safest and most efficient means to keep your right-of-ways clear. We mechanize every aspect of our work possible.  This eliminates much of the exposure to injury by manual labor.

Our Timbco is equipped with a specialty cutting head that has revolutionized how we clear right-of-ways. This self-leveling machine allows our skilled operators to complete work in steep terrains or swamps without the risk of injury. When the Timbco is on site, we nearly eliminate the use of chainsaws or manual labor resulting in fewer accidents. Our Timbco cuts up to 28” diameter trees and can reach over 20’ high to grab and top out trees.

Following behind the Timbco, our tracked chippers will quickly turn the debris into an attractive, usable site with chips spread evenly.  For swamps and steep hills, we use a Brontosaurus mower.  It has the ability to process material inaccessible to other machines. Our mechanized and highly specialized equipment turns a once dangerous hand-cutting situation into a safe-controlled jobsite.

Wetland Access Roads

When there are wetland areas to clear, we are able to construct a simple crane mat bridge over streambeds and mat a road for skidding purposes. Brush will be mechanically cut while the crane mat road is installed. Using crane mats will keep the ground intact and have minimal impact on the ground’s surface.

Trees in and around the wetlands are accessible to be cut with our Tracked Feller Buncher on crane mats. All brush in these areas can be mechanically cleared. Trees can be skidded to the crane mat road with our tracked skidder. We then use a wheeled skidder to skid the trees along the crane mat road to an upland processing area. In the case of steep banks, we opt to hand cut and winch to prevent debris from falling and collecting into the stream. We can also easily avoid driving over natural drainage ditches that follow the right-of-way where two slopes come together. This ensures we are keeping the creek beds and banks preserved.

Vegetation Management & Maintenance

We are intense on constant evaluation, improvement, and innovation.  Through this culture, we are providing the absolute safest and most efficient means to clear and manage vegetation in the right-of-way. Our overall objective is to safely and cost-effectively exceed our utility clients’ vegetation management needs while eliminating hazards for our team members. Our work, at all times, is in accordance with all applicable federal, state, and/or local laws, rules, ordinances, and regulations, and approved principles of modern arboriculture while always bearing in mind appropriate minimum approach distances for given elevations and weather conditions.

Forestry Mowing

We have large and small forestry mowers. As a rule, they will mulch up all trees and brush 4″ diameter and under. This is a very useful tool when reclaiming the land. The smaller rubber-tracked mower is nice for getting into tight spaces and areas where low ground pressure is necessary.

Herbicide Treatment

Our low volume herbicide treatments are very effective and environmentally friendly. We only use 5 gallons per acre to gain control of tall growing and invasive species while allowing the grasses to thrive and take over. This process reduces the need for follow-up visits by cutting crews. Once grasses are established, they provide an easily maintained right-of-way and good habitat for wildlife.

Swamp Clearing

Swamps pose a challenge on any site. We have extensive experience in clearing swamps. We use swamp mats or simply make a corduroy road out of the existing material using our Timbco to cut, sort, and lay the road. When all construction work is completed, we can simply pull out the material used for the road.


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