Integrity Tree Services has tree specialists that live and work in your community.

They are dedicated to providing specialized and professional care that’s just right for you and your landscape.  Our local arborists will build a relationship with you that you can count on for personalized service.


Pruning is the most common tree maintenance procedure. Although forest trees grow quite well with only nature’s pruning, landscape trees require a higher level of care to maintain their structural integrity and aesthetics. Pruning must be done with an understanding of tree biology. Improper pruning can create lasting damage or even shorten the tree’s life.  Integrity Tree Services is highly skilled for all types of pruning techniques.

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Cabling & Bracing

Cabling and Bracing are processes that restore or improve the structural integrity of a tree that is worth preserving. While it sounds like a relatively simple process, it takes a great deal of technical expertise and experience to cable and brace a tree.  Our methods protect the longevity of the living tree and the safety of those around it. Our service personnel are fully trained and experienced in all aspects of cabling and bracing.

Tree Removal

Tree trimming and removal is the backbone for all vegetation management. Integrity Tree Services maintains a professional and highly equipped fleet to handle any situation we may encounter.

Stump Grinding

Integrity Tree Services has many specialized pieces of equipment to handle any job. Each year, our stump grinders turn many acres of stumps into mulch and dirt. This is the most cost effective way to deal with a large volume of stumps.

We offer several options for grinding your stump.

  1. Grind out the entire root ball leaving the hole open to replant another tree in its place.

  2. Grind out the entire root ball in places where concrete or foundation will cover the area. This is necessary to eliminate any settling.

  3. Grind only 6-8″ below the surface to allow you to replant grass. Note: Some settling may occur over time.

We also offer clean up and restoration services to remove excess mulch and replace it with topsoil. You will only need to put down grass seed.


While you’ve been outside either working in your yard or playing with your kids, you have 
also encountered nature’s mosquitoes. Integrity Tree Services offers a safe and effective mosquito abatement program we call Invisible Mosquito Shield.

Integrity Tree Services’ Invisible Mosquito Shield will help you reclaim your yard and protect what matters most.

One treatment every 2-3 weeks based on location and client request.

Diseases carried by mosquitoes include:

  • West Nile Virus (high risk in Ottawa & Kent counties)
  • Equine Virus (confirmed in Barry and Calhoun counties)
  • Zika Virus (now confirmed in Michigan)
  • Heartworm (found in pets)


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