With over 40 different types of equipment in our fleet, we’re able to put the right equipment on your site every time. While we owe much of our success to the expertise of our certified arborists and team members, we wouldn’t be able to perform the complete range of tree clearing services without the right equipment. We know our equipment inside and out because we invest in a very disciplined maintenance program for every unit we own. Combined with our team of specialized technicians, our equipment is always maintained and ready for production. Watch some of our equipment in action!


AB Arrowboard, stock photo

Arrow Board

The arrowboard is towed behind a support vehicle and is used as part of the traffic control plan when we are working along roadways.

Arrow Board Skid

The arrowboard trailer is a combination of an arrowboard and storage area for traffic control signs.

Box Service Truck

The box service truck is a storage truck for the Land Clearing division.

Brush Chipper

The brush chipper is towed behind either a bucket truck or chip truck and can chip brush and logs up to 18″ in diameter.

Bucket Truck

The bucket truck is used to raise a tree worker up into the upper branches of a tree. Some bucket trucks have a chip box to haul wood chips.

Chip Truck

The chip truck tows a brush chipper and holds the wood chips that the brush chipper blows into the chip truck.

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Chip Van

The chip van is a purpose-built semi trailer which hauls a large quantity of wood chips.

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Crane Truck

The crane truck is a specialized unit that has a crane with a grapple and chainsaw bar. The crane truck can also tow a trailer to haul around logs.

Watch this machine in action!


The dozer is a purpose-built tracked machine that moves dirt. The dozer also has a winch on the rear to pull trees and equipment.

Drum Mower

The drum mower attaches to a track machine and mows underbrush up to 6″ in diameter.

Enclosed Trailer

The enclosed trailer is a support unit for remote crews. It stores all the gear and supplies that are needed on a weekly basis.

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The excavator has a dirt bucket and hydraulic thumb. It is used to move crane mats and build roadways.

Excavator, Long Reach

The long reach excavator is purpose-built with a grapple at the end of the boom to move brush, logs, and crane mats.

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Excavator Mower

The excavator mower is purpose-built with a forestry mower on the end of the boom to mow brush up to 6″ in diameter. Some excavator mowers have a separate engine to power the mower unit.

Watch this machine in action!

Fire Suppression Trailer

The fire suppression trailer is used on the jobsite for fire safety and for pressure washing equipment.

Fuel Trailer

The fuel trailer is used on the jobsite to store fuel before the fuel is used in the equipment.

Gooseneck Dump Trailer

The gooseneck dump trailer is also towed with a pickup truck or utility truck. The trailer bed can raise with hydraulic cylinders to dump the contents of the bed.

Gooseneck Trailer

The gooseneck trailer usually moves a skidsteer or a track machine and attachments. It is towed behind a pickup truck or utility truck.

Grapple, Skidsteer

This photo shows the grapple that is attached to the skidsteer machine. It helps in grabbing large brush and feeding it into the chipper.

Hydro Ax

The Hydro Ax is a purpose-built forestry mower for mowing underbrush and small trees up to 6″ in diameter.

Watch this machine in action!

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The hydrostumper is a purpose-built machine made to grind out stumps on a land clearing or right-of-way (ROW) project.

Jarraff, Tracked

The tracked jarraff is a purpose-built machine that has an extendable boom with a 24″ sawblade on the end. The boom raises up to trim trees along a right-of-way (ROW).

Watch this machine in action!

Jarraff, Wheeled

The wheeled jarraff is a purpose-built machine that has an extendable boom with a 24″ sawblade on the end. The boom raises up to trim trees along a right-of-way (ROW).

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Log Trailer

The log trailer hauls around logs and crane mats.

Lowboy Trailer

The lowboy trailer tows behind a semi truck and hauls around various types of heavy equipment.

Marsh Master Swamp Buggy

The Marsh Master is a track unit built from aluminum. This machine is designed to float if needed and can move through swamps, creeks, or dry ground.

Mini Skidsteer

The mini skidsteer is used for residential tree work and utility work. It replaces some of the manual labor on a jobsite. Usually a dirt bucket or a grapple is attached.

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Pickup Truck

The pickup truck is used to transport people, gear, and various trailers.


The quad is used for off road transportation of one individual and some gear.

Quad Trailer

The quad trailer is used to transport the quad, utility vehicle, fuel tank, or alterna mats.

Roll Back Truck

The roll back truck is used to transport skidsteers and track machines.

RR Root Rake

Root Rake

The root rake scrapes the ground of branches and debris. It mounts on a skidsteer or track machine.

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Semi Truck

The semi truck is the power unit that tows the log trailer or lowboy.

Service Truck

The service truck is used by the mechanic technicians to travel to jobsites and repair equipment.


The skidder has a large grapple on the rear that can grab a bundle of trees and drag them to the chipper.

Watch this machine in action!

tree trimming job

Skidder Bucket

The skidder bucket is an off-road rubber tired unit that has an aerial unit mounted on the rear of it.

tree service equipment


The skidsteer is a multipurpose unit that can use a variety of attachments such as a grapple or forks.

Spray Rig

The spray truck is a purpose-built unit that travels around town and is used to apply various treatments to trees and shrubs.

Stump Grinder

This stump grinder is a residential-sized stump grinder.

Stump Hog

The Fecon Stump Hog is mounted on the boom of a Cat 329 excavator and grinds out stumps on large land clearing projects.


The sweeper is a self propelled unit that is used around the maintenance facility to keep dirt and stones from damaging the asphalt parking lot.

Tag Trailer

The tag trailer is towed behind a bucket truck, chip truck, or utility truck. It usually transports a skidsteer or track machine.

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Timberpro Forwarder

The Timberpro Forwarder is an off-road machine that is used to transport logs and crane mats.

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Track Buncher

The track buncher is a purpose-built unit that can cut down and process trees on flat ground and on hills.

Watch this machine in action!

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Track Chipper

The track chipper is used on land clearing and right-of-way (ROW) projects to chip up trees and brush into wood chips.

Track Machine

The track machine is similar to a skidsteer but with dedicated rubber or metal tracks. Mostly used with a grapple, drum mower, or a mower deck.


The tractor is used for spraying herbicide on the right-of-way (ROW).

UT Utility Truck

Utility Truck

The utility truck transports team members and has tool boxes for gear. The truck can tow a gooseneck trailer or a tag trailer.

Utility Vehicle

The utility vehicle is an off-road vehicle that can transport 2-6 people at one time.

Wheel Loader

The wheel loader is used to move crane mats and logs as well as push a snow blade.

Wheeled Buncher

The wheeled buncher is an articluating forestry unit with a continual cutting head on the front end of the machine. It can cut down up to 4-5 acres of trees per day.

Whole Tree Chipper

The whole tree chipper is towed behind a semi truck to the jobsite. The whole tree chipper has an 800hp engine and can chip a 30″ diameter tree.

Watch this machine in action!