At Integrity Tree Services, we’re always looking for talented people to join our team.  Our company culture is what sets us apart from our competition.


There’s more for you! Join our company where we train and respect every team member.
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Why Should You Consider Joining Our Team?

Integrity Tree Services has been serving both residential and utility companies since 1998. We’re a firmly established, steady employer offering year-round work.  Unlike many tree services or landscaping businesses, we’re plenty busy all year!

If you’re interested in traveling and seeing our beautiful country first-hand, then JOIN OUR TEAM! You could work for any one of our job sites located throughout the mid-west including Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, North Carolina, Ohio, Virginia, West Virginia, and more. If you prefer to stay local, we may have openings within an easy commuting distance, depending on where you’re located.

Integrity Tree Services isn’t your average “tree company.” Investing in continuous safety training and cutting edge equipment has set us apart from our competition. We have one of the best safety records in the industry and we’re proud of it!

What is the best part about working for Integrity Tree Services? Our culture, of course! We’re a privately owned and operated drug, tobacco, alcohol, profanity, and gossip free company. We respect everyone for their unique qualities, however team members are prohibited from using tobacco products while wearing our apparel or operating our equipment.  If you’re looking for a culture where you’re respected, challenged, and play an integral team role, then we invite you to join us.

If you would like to learn more about the positions available in our company, click the position title of one of our openings below.  If you want to be considered for future openings, please submit your resume for the Standard Application posting.


Great Benefits

100% company-paid medical insurance,
life insurance, and disability

Paid vacation and holidays

Profit-sharing bonuses


Great Careers

Career advancement opportunities

Year-round, steady employment

Tree Trimmers

Equipment Operators

Field Mechanics


Great Culture

Alcohol, drug, tobacco, profanity,
and gossip free environment

Positive leadership environment

Mentorship by Men of Integrity

What Makes Integrity Tree Services Different?

All team members, regardless of time with the company or job title, are held to a high standard of integrity. What sets us apart from other companies isn’t just our superior work product, it’s how we conduct ourselves while doing the work.

All team members are expected to adhere to these seven Shared Values:

  1. SAFETY FIRST—Keeping the safety of yourself and others in mind
  2. QUALITY—Exceeding customers’ expectations
  3. INTEGRITY—Consistent and honest behavior, no matter who’s watching
  4. INITIATIVE—Taking pride in always going the extra mile
  5. PROFESSIONALISM—Personal appearance and behavior must always support ITS’s mission and values
  6. RESPECT—To hold others in high regard
  7. COHESIVE TEAMWORK—Pulling together in the same direction

What Can You Expect When Working for Integrity Tree Services?

We’re excited to offer rewarding opportunities for hard-working, quality individuals throughout the country.  We’re equally as excited to offer positions where there are advancement opportunities, including a comprehensive benefits package, and where you get to work with a great team.

To learn specifics on management or support-related positions, please click on a specific job opening. For production positions, you can expect the following:

Tree Trimmer A
Tree Trimmer is an advanced and experienced tree trimmer position where one performs the duties of Tree Trimmer C as well as lead the daily production teams. This person is expected to lead by example with how s/he performs tree work as well as represent ITS to our clients, property owners, and other team members. This person is to understand and follow individual client expectations and government regulations. S/he is responsible for accurate documentation and record keeping. S/he is also responsible for training Tree Trimmer B in the area of documentation and record keeping.
Tree Trimmer B
This is an experienced tree trimmer position where one performs the duties of Tree Trimmer C as well as training with Groundsman and Tree Trimmer C positions. Here one learns and teaches safe work practices as well as OSHA and ANSI
Tree Trimmer C
This is a basic tree trimmer position where one learns a higher Level of tree felling techniques, climbing, pruning, herbicide application, and mowing techniques along with introduction to advanced vegetation management. In this position, one gains a basic understanding of the tree work performed and the equipment used. This may also be a starting position to see what a new team member is capable of before being promoted to Tree Trimmer B.
Equipment Operator
The Equipment Operator position is where one performs the duties of Tree Trimmer C as well as operating equipment to clear vegetation from the utility right-of-way. Equipment Operators perform preventative maintenance on all equipment owned by the company and assist in diagnosing machine breakdowns. They are expected to lead work crews and meet deadlines for production or follow the direction of Tree Trimmer A.
This is an introductory position where one learns the basics of tree work, safety, equipment, working near transmission lines, and assisting the tree trimmers.

Our Comprehensive Benefits Package

  • 100% Company-paid medical insurance
  • 100% Company-paid disability insurance
  • 100% Company-paid life insurance
  • Dollar-for-dollar company match for Retirement Savings Plan (available after one year of employment)

What We Offer

  • Great benefits package
  • Profit sharing bonuses
  • Career advancement opportunities
  • Alcohol-free, drug-free, tobacco-free, profanity-free and gossip-free environment

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