With over 40 different types of equipment in our fleet, we’re able to put the right equipment on your site every time. While we owe much of our success to the expertise of our certified arborists and team members, we wouldn’t be able to perform the complete range of tree clearing services without the right equipment. We know our equipment inside and out because we invest in a very disciplined maintenance program for every unit we own. Combined with our team of specialized technicians, our equipment is always maintained and ready for production.

Watch some of our equipment in action!


Timbco Track Feller Buncher

This unique machine is used to fell trees in a variety of terrain including very steep mountain sides all while the operator sits in a climate-controlled cab.

Morbark 30/36 Track Chipper

This track chipper is a self-propelled, self-feeding whole tree chipper. In this photo you can see the whole tree being fed into chipping drum.

Watch our Morbark 50/48 track chipper in action!

Wheel Loader With Forks

This John Deere 928 Wheel Loader is equipped with a fork attachment that can easily load, move, and place heavy crane mats.

Brush Chipper

This brush chipper is used to chip small trees, limbs, and brush into chips that can be repurposed in a variety of ways. By doing this, we are able to take large quantities of material away from the job site much quicker.

Crane Truck

We are the only tree service in the state of Michigan to own this type of crane truck. It has the capability of removing large pieces of a tree from access-restricted areas over a variety of applications, including complex residential areas..

Mower Head Attachment

When attached to an excavator, this type of machine allows for heavy brush removal in hard to access areas such as wetlands and steep terrain.

Bucket Truck

A bucket truck is used in a variety of applications where we need to work safely, high off the ground.

Excavator with Mower Head

This type of machine allows for heavy brush removal in hard-to-access areas, such as wetlands and steep terrain.

Wheeled Buncher

This wheeled buncher allows us to control the tree from time of selection for cutting until we are ready to place it in a desired location. It does this all by simultaneously cutting and clamping, then driving away with it keeping our employees in the area safe.

Watch this buncher in action!

Hydra Stumper

The hydra stumper is a stump grinder on tracks that has the ability to navigate through rough terrain and grind stumps below the ground surface when required.

Hydra Axe

This is an extremely heavy duty mowing machine that has the ability to cut brush and trees up to 4 inches in diameter.

Wheeled Jarraff

This unique machine has a reach of up to 90 feet saving ample time and energy for our climbers by quickly trimming trees at a variety of angles.

Lowboy Trailer

This type of heavy duty trailer is used to move many of our diverse heavy duty and specialized equipment to and from job sites.

Logging Trailer

This logging trailer is used to transport harvested timber.

Marsh Master

The marsh master is a unique piece of equipment that is used to cut brush in a very wet or marshy area. This machine is built on a boat platform and has the ability to cross lake and streams.

Dingo TX1000

Information coming soon!

Tractor with Lowboy Trailer

This type of heavy duty trailer is used to move many of our diverse heavy duty and specialized equipment to and from job sites.

Log Skidder

Skidders are used to move cut trees to a single location and then loaded onto logging trailers or to be chipped by one of many types of chippers that we use.

Skidsteer with Grapple

This photo shows one of the many uses of the Skidsteer machine. This one is moving a large piece of tree to facilitate further processing.

Crane Mats

This Skidder is moving crane mats which are used to stabilize soft ground to facilitate the movement of heavy equipment through otherwise challenging areas.

Track Machine with Mower Deck

This versatile machine is used in a variety of applications with many different attachments. It is equipped with a mower deck used to clear small brush from job sites.

Whole Tree Chipper

This large tow behind whole tree chipper is the largest chipper in our fleet and is capable of chipping acres of trees per day.